Why, When, & What to Wear …

Why is an engagement session important? Some folks wonder what all the hype is and if you really need an engagement session in the first place. I’ll let you in on the secret…

The engagement session is so much more than pretty pictures and a “save the date” maker (although that’s another good reason to have one)! :) The engagement session is so important for several reasons, but the most important reason: It gives you and your groom a chance to practice before the big day! You get to know me in a relaxed setting and I get to know you. It helps me learn your likes and dislikes, and what to lookout for. It gives you both a chance to practice and gain comfort in front of the camera before your wedding day. Let’s be honest, we’re all used to selfies.. the engagement session gives you a chance practice looking natural with your significant other in front of the camera. Not only will we have fun practicing for the big day, you will have beautiful images from the engagement session for save-the-dates, for your wedding website, and to simply print and enjoy in your home. I love and value the engagement session and you will, too!

When should you schedule your engagement session? Whether it’s six months before your wedding day or the week before, you’re going to benefit from an engagement session. I do typically prefer to schedule in the late afternoon/early evening for the best light. The things you may want to consider when scheduling…

  • Are you going to use images for save the dates? If so, how soon will you need them?

  • Do you want your images to reflect a certain season?

  • Do you prefer cozy layered look, or sun dresses and shorts?

  • Do you want your images to go with your wedding theme?

What to wear really depends on the overall look you have in mind and the season you choose to schedule. No matter if you choose to go classic, dressy, casual, or a mix, make sure your clothes are clean, pressed, and lint free so you’re camera ready! (Pssssst, ladies make sure your nails look good, too!)

If you’re wondering about colors, patterns, themes, I suggest choosing something that feels like the season and going for colors found in nature. For example deep rich hues of navy, browns, greens, and burgundy contrast the snowy whites of winter. Soft creamy accents brighten and layering gives added interest and texture. For fall think warm purples, greens, and blues to compliment and contrast the yellows and reds found in the leaves. For summer think light and airy… mint, gray, baby blues, peach, blush. The options are endless!

*Pop colors, like hot pink, bright yellow, orange, and red, can be beautiful in photos, but they can also reflect onto the skin causing odd skin tones. So I suggest be careful with these pop colors and maybe use them for an accent, purse/shoes/pants, somewhere away from your face and shoulders.

Plan for two or three outfits. The second outfit change could be as simple as layering a jacket, switching accessories, and changing your shirt. Or, your second outfit could be a completely different look; such as, switching to a dress and heels from boots and jeans. This all really depends on your personal style.

Tip when picking out your fiance’s outfit: think of their outfit as a sibling, or cousin, to your outfit…. not a twin. Let’s not get
”matchy-matchy”, but still want it to look good with your outfit. Mix it up. Make sense?

Lastly, take extra time for a little make-up and hair. If traveling a long distance, get dressed a quick hair and lip check after you arrive. Bride’s make sure you like the way your nails look whether natural or painted and it goes without saying….but, don’t forget to wear that sparkly RING! :)

I hope these tips help you plan for your fun engagement session! Let me know if I missed something!