Vivid color, bold brushstrokes, layering, and palette knives are used to create texture, movement, and mood in a contemporary style. Artwork is original and one of a kind. The majority of my paintings are done in Golden brand acrylic on canvas or panel, with finished edges. Shop available art and see the painting description for details. 

All of my paintings are original, the only prints produced are greeting cards. If you are interested in purchasing a painting, here from my site, please send me a quick email with any additional questions and to be certain the piece is still available. Thank you!


My Art. My Statement.

abˈstrakSH(ə)n/ noun
1. The freedom to create a composition using color, texture, shape, form and line to create an idea or feeling; which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world.
2. A departure from representation; can be slight, partial, or complete. Abstraction exists along a continuum.

I became fascinated by the study of color, abstraction, and conceptual art while I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The works of Hans Hofmann, Edvard Munch, Robert Rauschenberg, Mark Rothko, Vincent Van Gogh, and many others have influenced my painting style and technique. Whether working in an abstract expressionist or loosely representational style, I use texture and color to develop emotionally-charged atmospheres. Visible brushstrokes and heavy use of palette knives add movement and spontaneous moments of interest in each work, as well as allow the viewer an insight to my vigorous process. 

I've always been interested in the way we perceive things and how our own personal experiences shape our understanding. I once had a professor who told me that the more personal you make your work the more universal it becomes. Abstraction has allowed me the freedom to connect with a feeling, a memory, an idea, and to express it through my artwork. By departing partially (and sometimes completely) from representational imagery, preconceptions are stripped away and the viewer is able to feel a visceral reaction to the color and energy of the painting.

When I paint representational imagery, it's inherently loose and emotive. I’m constantly learning and observing, paying attention to the colors, textures, and relationships around me. As my art evolves, I find myself seeing and painting full color and acknowledging the abstract properties of everyday life.  

Born and raised in North Carolina, I’ve always been drawn to the Atlantic Ocean; creating abstract seascape paintings came naturally. Since moving to the Midwest, I’ve found a new appreciation for gravel roads, small-town life, and never-ending cornfields. I had reservations about moving so far from the coast, but I felt an immediate connection to the rolling hills of northeast Iowa; the waves of grain and dramatic horizon line actually mimic the beachy landscapes and rolling hills of my childhood.

We'll see where my next painting takes us!


- Jillian Webb Herrmann


Have a specific color theme, want something that is custom designed and created for your home or office? I'm happy to help! Let's collaborate!



By Appointment
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J.Webb Art is timeless...

"I have family photographs and an original painting from J.Webb Fine Art in my home and I treasure them both. Jillian’s artistry is exceptional and her work is truly timeless."

- Bridget Camp


“Chic, contemporary, and moving. Jillian pours her heart into her work.”

— D.H.

Her work inspires contentment!

“I own several JWebb original pieces and deeply love what they represent to me - the artist’s early pieces of bold color evoke passion and liveliness, while her more recent work inspire contentment and thoughtfulness. I do not consider myself an art collector, and yet, JWebb art hangs throughout my home as beautiful reminders of how the art represents my own stages in life. I am eager to see what else this talented young artist will show the world.” 

— H.C.

“Glacial Escape”

"We have a commissioned JWebb original painting in our home in Houston, Texas, and we couldn't be happier with it!  Jillian captured exactly the mood and atmosphere we wanted to evoke - an abstract renditioning of glacial landscapes and the winter "blue hour."  At first, commissioning a painting seemed strange -- how do you tell an artist what to paint? But Jillian was so easy to work with - she listened carefully to our description of colors and mood, consulting photos we had provided and checking in with us during the process.  The result - our "Glacial Escape" painting - is a treasure that we will enjoy for years to come." --  LeAnn and Craig Watson


Paintings large and small can elevate your space.
This beauty is available at Guttenberg Gallery in NE Iowa.
OriginaL, 4x4 inches, Acrylic on Birch Panel, $38

Your very own JWebb painting awaits...